It is true that most of the vegetables/ roots/ fresh fruits that can be eaten raw are the best choice for juicing. Let us take a look at the best choices we have from among these foods, which are described below in alphabetical form for your easy reference:


Beet root

The beet brings to the table a number of vital elements such as Vitamin C, choline, sulfur, iron, potassium, beta-carotene, manganese and calcium. You would understand from this list why beet is often referred to as the powerhouse of health. These elements contribute to the health of the liver, blood cells, and the gall bladder.

Beet also contains carotenoids which is a key ingredient against combating all types of cancer. The manganese content aids brain functions, especially in  RAW FOODS FOR JUICEareas of short-term memory and concentration. Research shows that beet juice provides an excellent treatment for leukemia or blood cancer as well as a number of inoperable cancers.

The regular way to consume beet is in salads and juicing. However, you need to note that this juice is too strong to be consumed in as-it-is form. The best way to have it is by combining it with milder juices such as apple or carrot juices.

Beets can be stored in the refrigerator without any fear of losing its magical powers in terms of vital nutrients. When you purchase them, chose only the ones that are rock-hard and firm.

Broccoli is an excellent source for Vitamins B1 and C as well as potassium, calcium, sulfur and beta-carotene. Research shows that the broccoli contains a ‘magic’ ingredient against breast cancer, ‘inderol-3’. A surprising fact is that this flower (vegetable) is not only an amazing source of fiber, but also protein. As much as 45 percent of broccoli is protein.

 RAW FOODS FOR JUICEAs a juice this is an excellent choice – but it needs to be a little diluted with less heavier juices such as apple or carrot. When buying broccoli, chose only the ones that are colored healthy green and firm at the touch. Do not refrigerate broccoli for more than five days.
Cabbage has the enviable position on the ‘favorite vegetable list’ of many people. This tastes good in both raw and cooked form, though on cooking it loses most of its vital nutrients. This vegetable is a wonderful source for many critical nutrients such as Vitamin C, selenium (mineral), beta-carotene, sulphur, and a rare amino acid, ‘glutamine’.

The selenium is highly beneficial in reversing heart conditions, arthritis, enhancing potency in males and preventing aging among others. The glutamine is a key element for curing about all types of stomach and digestion problems, including the dreaded stomach ulcer. RAW FOODS FOR JUICE

A point that you need to keep in mind is that cabbage juice must be consumed as soon as it is made. The rare amino acid, glutamine, dies after about 60 seconds the cabbage has been transformed in juice form.

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